Velvet Boulders

Our capsizing libidos

stick swear words

in empty parking spaces

at the abandoned parking lots

where our demise is writ large

under the honeyed canopies

cast by the shepherd hook spotlights.

For this coming moment of defeat

I transform my nature and being.

I question the proclivities of our backseat,

stained and pockmarked by discarded instances.

We sat here.

Of course we did,

among the candy wrappers

and salt off shoes

dusted by winter sidewalks.

This is sour powdered sugar.

We looked in the rearview

and saw our past

in the glazed glass,

the things we couldn’t shake,

the things we couldn’t break.

Everything made us quake.

What about the unforeseen occurrences

like a crouched haggard mouse spinning

bewitching tales near the floorboard?

We ignored him…

for a while.

“Let’s forget it all and flee,” you said,

dropping your beaten gaze to the air conditioning knobs.

“Until we’re gone,” I told you,

my statement almost agreement.

And then I heard the velvet boulders

rumble down our slopes.

Fear shrunk my irises,

a frantic piano riff from a Moonface song

obliterated my thoughts

and I looked at your cheek

because your eyes avoided mine

and I wanted to scream

but I waited




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