The Hypochondriac Society

My new book of flash fiction, titled The Hypochondriac Society, is out now from Weasel Press.

Here’s what some kind souls have said about it:

Enigmatic, engaging, strange, these stories arrive like alien transmissions, half-foreign, half-familiar, completely compelling and singular and authentic in tone and voice and wonderful weirdness. The Hypochondriac Society stands wild and real, and Michael Prihoda brings us such fresh news of the world, all of it shot through with his slant rhymes of intelligence and heart. –William Lychack, author of Cargill Falls and The Architect of Flowers

Reading The Hypochondriac Society by Michael Prihoda is a delirious summersault into the lives of ordinary people made strange by their yearning for connection and the end of their boredom. Prihoda is an accomplished storyteller, whose inviting voice and sense of brevity will get you to sit down, shut up, and share a few laughs along the way. Prihoda lures you in with laughs, and makes you stay for the warm fire feeling of resonance as you get to know these characters, all along wondering when someone like you will show up, living the multitude of lives you’ve been missing out on until you sink deeper into these short but stirring tales. — Tommy Dean, author of Special Like the People on TV

The Hypochondriac Society is punchy, tender, ironic, and winningly odd. Infused with Prihoda’s laconic wit, these comic gems and twenty-first century parables surprise as often as they charm. Telegrams from the frontier of contemporary fiction. Not to be missed. — John Bolin, author of Three Pioneers