Formal publications of poetry, fiction, nonfiction essays and artwork listed with magazine name on the left and piece’s title on the right. Upcoming publications listed without links until they become live.


Weasel Press- In Another Life, Maybe (2015)

Join the Millions- Small Scene at a Mall Fountain Filled with Coins (2014)


S/WORD – “6”, “11”, “13”, and “14”

The Inflectionist Review – “Drowning”

Agapanthus Collective – “the nest”

FEED Lit Mag – “Sirens”


Collective Unrest – “10 rules for them to build the weapon”

Coffin Bell Journal- “another way to go (firing squad)” and “another way to go (court appointed lawyer)”

Sein Und Werden – “I Get a Little Lighter”

isacoustic – “America as ever burning forest”


Line Rider Press – “Pole Jumping”

Shook Lit Mag- “American Dream, part 1”, “American Dream, part 2”, and “comedians in cells getting beaten”

The Inflectionist Review- “6 poems”

Wellington Street Review- “the coen brothers film at the end of the tunnel” and Habeas Corpus”

Five:2:One Magazine- “Liquid Nitrogen” and “Dave”

Detritus Online- “8 Rules for Crossing the Bridge”

Capsule Stories- “sky” and “stretch”

Tiny Molecules- “The Last Shia Lebeouf on Earth”

Five:2:One Magazine- “Rejected Versions of Cards Against Humanity” and “Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost”

Celebrating Change- “response to the republican subtext of the bill of rights when it comes to sexual assault survivors” and “let’s sit down for dinner, Mr. Trump”

Cough Syrup Magazine- “5 poems”

The Hellebore- “everything’s bigger in texas, part 1” and “my country tis of thee”

Dear Reader- “white fence, part 2”

Unlost Journal- “10”

Ethos Literary Journal- “Oklahoma City, Oklahoma”, “the NRA pays less taxes than me”, and “new tires”

Neologism Poetry Journal- “wide is the way, easy is the footstep”

Dime Show Review- “Aliens”

Otoliths- “3”, “4”, “5”, and “7”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “7 of Clubs”

Riggwelter Journal- “that damn creaky ghost”

Education Post- “The Discomfort of White Adults Should Never Take Priority Over the Success of Our Black and Brown Students”

Capsule Stories- “Streetlight Tango”

The Operating System- “On Darren C. Demaree”

Wellington Street Review- “Catch-22, Part 1” and “Catch-22, Part 2”

Collective Unrest- “response to Jeff Sessions using the Bible to defend separating immigrant children from their parents”

Elixir Magazine- “Chasing Down Comfort”

8 Poems Journal- “Mask 3”

Philosophical Idiot- excerpts from “The Years”

Apocalips Publishing- “finish”, “elegy for a suicidal soul”, “lost balance”, and “fire, smoke”

Elixir Magazine- “You’re Supposed to Be a Writer”

Three Drops from a Cauldron- “Watching”

Indicia Lit- “Proposal 6”

Peculiars Magazine- “Beams” and “Jezebel”

Before I Leave Zine- “Untitled (four)”


Work to a Calm- “Adman” and “Trash to Burn”

Wilde Boy- “The Lost Future Predictive Correspondence…”

Memoir Mixtapes- “Through Every Song, Her Voice”

Kyanite Publishing- “Numbers in the Dust”

Is Acoustic- “understand a spiderweb and how it doesn’t have wings” and “another city”

ZEAL- “Recore: the Error in Misreading Dystopia”

X-Ray Lit- “The Hypochondriac Society”

Mojave Heart Review- “The Story of My Life, Part One”, “Sometime Before Dawn”, “Doll 1”

Corvus Review- “i tried thinking of how to breed telepathy from a taxonomy of adverbs but it never got me close enough to you”

Angry Old Man Magazine- “clouds”, “opening remark”, “fist”, “the rifle”, and “interference”

Collective Unrest- “21 buried sunsets”, “death valley vacuum”, “holes in the curtain”, and “holes in the curtain (2)”

101 Words- “Poker Night”

Bonnie’s Crew- “Migration”, “Voices Prebodied”, and “Untitled, 2011”

Cerurove- “swan, ibid”

The Mantle- “bb gun”

Otoliths- “remembering”, “in silence”, “downdraft”, “theater”, and “compilation”

Former Cactus- “The Narrator’s Guild”

Riggwelter Journal- “The Doors”

Lines + Stars- “afternoon snack”

Philosophical Idiot- “reason”

Ghost City Review- “Drywall”

Verdancies- “Doll 4”, “Mask 1”, and “Temple Guardians”

Unlost Journal- “every step”

Occulum Journal- “Hoover Dam”

Memoir Mixtapes- “The Gardener”

Your One Phone Call- “The Slug”

Ink in Thirds- “sexy haiku 3”

Riggwelter Journal- “knock, knock”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “No further comment”

The Airgonaut- “John Cena vs. Attila the Hun”

Rasputin- “whole lotta love”, “everybody knows this is nowhere”, and “Proposal (a pineapple thrown into the Seine)”

Angry Old Man- “An Expedition in Condensational Poetry”

Sick Lit Mag- “The Bones of Tomorrow”


Neologism Poetry Journal- “for an anthem of sound”, “branches”, and “i fell asleep watching Band of Brothers”

The Corrugated Wave- “Water: an essay on art”

Philosophical Idiot- “Untitled”

Former People- “at every solstice”, “white hands”, “imaginable elements”, they saw night”, “where is the window”, and “images”

Angry Old Man- “Typewriter Visuals” and “Your Week”

Eunoia Review- “slaughterhouse”, “miracles”, “digging the foundations” and “dead wind”

Seven Circle Press- “Travelogue” and “(Untitled) Storms”

Rasputin Poetry- “grace”, “what is necessary”, and “existence”

Otoliths- redactions from Invisible Cities

The Furious Gazelle- excerpts from “The Years”

The Ginger Collect- “Untitled (One)”

Black Napkin Press- “Woods #1” and “Stanchions”

Madness Muse Magazine- Growth/Deterioration

Arcturus- “Sleepwalk” and “The Sky at Night”

The Drowning Gull- “food” and “narrow”

Beautiful Losers- “Spheres of Influence I”

Firefly- “cancel”

Breadcrumbs Magazine- “Circus”

Strange Poetry- “Platform”

Anti-Heroin Chic- 3 poems

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “My Dog”

Unlost Journal- redactions from Invisible Cities


Inter/rupture- “While i was watching the Olympic gymnasts…”

Unlost Journal- redactions from The Road

Unbroken Journal- “The Boy Who Lost His Owl” and “Your Love Life As Told By Book Review Outlets”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “The Forecasters”

antversuswhale- audio excerpts from “The Architects” 

Pretty Owl Poetry- “stop; or, i guess you thought i was kidding when i said my mother smoked pot in college”


Pidgeonholes- “Basketball”

Fractal Magazine- “In Summer Heat…” and “You Make Desperation So Easy”

Random Sample- “Sweet Dreams”, “Reverie #11”, “I’ll Gladly Be the Frame”

Rasasvada- “As It is Now”, “The Tempest II”, “Day Job for the Night Sky”, “It Scares the Crap Out of Me”

Unbroken Journal- “Jacket”

Poetry WTF?- “tamer animals”

Corvus Review- “black box”, “warming up”, “sponges”

Codex Journal- “a state of being”

Spelk Fiction- “Our Son”

Unlost Journal- “The Satanic Satanist” and “Cope”

The Furious Gazelle- Excerpts from “The Years”

Vagabond City Lit- “Darkest Hours” and “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”

Babyteeth- “The Experiments”

Unbroken Journal- “Beach” and “Maybe It Was In You All Along, the Way You Could Look Lost While Parking in the Garage”

Velvet-tail- “lungs like downed airplanes”

Unlost- “Bone Machine” and “A Dead Man on My Back”

308 Press- “To My First Child”

99 Pine Street- “Creamer”

Lilliputian Press e-zine- “ashamed”

Rasasvada- “fences”

The Bear- “The Last Romance”

Unbroken- “it was”

Otoliths- visual/blackout poetry

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “Maybe Indeterminate”

Potluck- typewriter art: 1,  2,  3,  4,  5

Lilliputian Press- “the same that happened yesterday”, “feel good about it”, and “stay immortal”

One Sentence Poems- “with” and “not far”

Sein Und Werden- “hair color” and “market research”

The Bear Review- “the ones”

Peaches- “blackout poem”

Unbroken Journal- “Sadness”

Rasasvada- Typewriter art

Unbroken Journal- “proximity”

Rasasvada (monthly magazine)- “various typewriter art”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “Life”


Rasasvada- “Four Short Poems”

Rasasvada- “Three Poems”

Rasasvada- “Four More Short Poems”

One Throne- “Short Poems”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “The Fifty-Seven Other Ways”

The Blue Hour- “Breeding Hyphens”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “Watching My Friend Peel an Orange”

Leaves of Ink- “Tourists”

Rasasvada- “that faint subpoena feel”

Bird’s Thumb- “The Flagship of Terrence Pyle”

Sein Und Werden- “Which of the Following Might Abraham Lincoln Pursue?” and  “I Want to Apply Goth Make-up to Your Fax Machine Until It’s Frigid”

Digital Papercut- “Burn” and “Knuckles”

Eunoia Review- “Eclipse”, “Math”, and “this is a poem about wanting, needing, and fulfillment”

Rasasvada- “Four Poems”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch- “After We’d Seen Too Much”

Leaves of Ink- “Warmth Charging Away”

Lines and Stars- “Drifting Cumulonimbus Clouds”

Twiction Addiction- November 3

Cuento Mag- November 14 and November 18

Peeking Cat Poetry- “Friction”

Sein Und Werden- “Now We Are Ten”

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